Wild Mountain Herb Farm

Our aim is to educate as many people as we can about the possible alternatives to the "modern" lifestyle. We live simply and would like to share our vision of a natural, more harmonious way of life.

Coming soon - Wild Mountain Herb Farm Vegetable Boxes.

We plan to introduce boxes that will contain fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs and fruits picked here on the mountain. Starting at $10.00 per box they can include pickles, preserves and jams of your choice.

Boxes will be available for collection at the Ulong general store or delivered in the local area. 

10th September 2016 - Visit the blog page for the latest photos from 'the shroom room'.

3rd August 2016 - The first vegetable box ready for delivery, congratulations to Grumpy's Ginger Beer for being the first customers to order.

I've been away for a while, now back into the garden harvesting chillis (see photo) and clearing chickweed from the existing vegies. Most goes in the compost, some drying for healing skin cream  which I  make with other herbs as well.  Excellent Tuscan Kale still going strong, broccoletti is huge with florets galore, harvesting Yakon and potatoes and Atomic Red carrots. There is a variety of leafy salad greens  as well.
And we have 5 beautiful new Rhode Island Red chooks - a cockerel and 4 pullets, 1 of whom is laying already. They are about to go to work clearing 2 new plots for growing medicinal herbs that will be included in our new range of teas.
As we move further away from the usual retail treadmill, we are up for trading lots of things that we might otherwise buy from the stores. E.g.  you might buy an extra bottle of milk to trade  for something we grow or produce here at WMHF.

​Mushroom growing has been on hold while Tony is busy with another project, it will restart asap and we will keep you posted.


Wild Mountain Herb Farm is an organisation dedicated to a handcrafted life. We are passionate about lifestyle choices and healthy living. We supply medicinal herbal remedies as well as Organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and gourmet mushrooms.

No chemicals are used on our farm and we use permaculture principles and practices in order to work with Mother nature to make her more beautiful and productive.