Wild Mountain Herb Farm

We follow the 3 permaculture ethics -

  • care for the Earth,
  • care for people
  • share the surplus

 and  permaculture practices such as design, companion planting, composting and water harvesting - slow, spread and sink.

Barbara and Tony

Barbara is growing Organic vegetables, fruits, medicinal and culinary herbs, making herbal tea blends for clients and studying Western Herbal Medicine.

Tony is WMHF's mycologist and is growing gourmet mushrooms such as King oyster, Golden oyster, Shiitake, Velvet Pioppino and Swiss Brown. He is also working on cultivating Garden giant and Matte Jack mushrooms which are not as well known as other mushrooms but are just as enjoyable.

Tony has also completed a Strawbale building course and is looking to increase public awareness of eco-building.


Barbara and Tony came up with the idea of Wild Mountain Herb Farm because of a lack of natural remedies for basic illnesses that are usually treated by chemicals. Modern medicine is geared towards treating disease with synthetic drugs. The word disease can be broken down into  two parts, 'dis' and 'ease' - the body's natural state is not at ease.

Drinking more clean water as well as a healthy diet of fresh Organic vegetables, fruits and herbs along with the use of herbal remedies that have a recorded history of over 10,000 years, can dramatically ease a lot of illnesses. Adding  regular exercise such as walking in nature, gardening and meditation can put the mind and body at 'ease' again.