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Agar plates inoculated with mushroom spores.

The first harvest of Valerian roots. This is the premier herb for nervous tension. Soon to be made into a Wild Mountain Herb Farm tea blend.

Purrsephone had just leapt out of the Yarrow behind me.


The latest pictures from 'the shroom room'. Clockwise from top left: Pleurotus ostreatus - Pearl Oyster, Pleurotus eryngii - King Oyster, Pleurotus ostreatus - Pearl Oyster, Pleurotus citrinopileatus - Pearl Oyster. I'm hoping to use the Pearl and Golden Oysters to make agar plates to replace the ones I lost due to inexperience. See the slideshow on the right for close ups.

SPRING  This self-sown fruit tree is right outside the kitchen window in the "pot-luck" garden, giving us a magnificent sight every day. I wonder what fruit it will turn out to be?


The fruiting chamber. Once the mycelium colonises the substrate they get moved into here to produce the mushrooms. There are two fruiting chambers here, the one with the black lid is an experimental version without a mist maker.

The completed 'flow hood'. I made this myself after toying with various ideas. The HEPA filter is on top and blows clean air into the flow hood - this is where the inoculations take place. I just need to add a light to make it easier to see.




The new laboratory/clean room. Because the house we rent is so old I couldn't keep the lab clean enough. Thus the room within a room was devised.

This week we harvested the Yacon (Apple of the Earth). One plant yielded 8.5 Kg of fruit. It's flavour is somewhere between a crisp apple and a watermelon. It can be eaten raw (as Barb did when we first harvested them) or cooked. Here is a link to more information.


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